Custom Design

Design, we love it, the ability to change every part of the controller to make it unique to you, with SharQ you can do just this, you have the ability to choose the base design, the colour of your buttons along with the option to have your own unique combinations of our many additional design features. There are new designs added to our website constantly, be sure to keep an eye out and if you want regular updates, sign up to our newsletter!

New SharQ Stix

Our brand new SharQ StiX allow you to change your thumbsticks when the needs become a must! They are designed to be swapped between the various sizes and styles within seconds! These come in 3 different sizes, Medium, Long and Extra Long. They also come in both XBOX One and PlayStation 4 styles.

PS4 Remap

We now offer you the option to change your fin configuration any time you wish to with the new ps4 remappable fin function! Simply press the button you want followed by the fin you wish to remap it to then hold it down for 10-15 seconds and it’s done! Easy as that!

The SharQ Fins

New design, new materials, tested by many, the new SharQ Fin offers you faster reactions and giving you that important and intended split second advantage over your foe. They are ergonomically designed to leave your thumbs available for character movement and aim. This is very important when playing on the battlefield competitively The new SharQ fin has a metal core covered in a durable and gripped rubber to prevent any unintended movement during your time on the battlefield.

Trigger Stops

Trigger stops are precise studs that are placed on the ends of the triggers, They enable you to hit that sweet spot to allow the trigger to activate exactly when it should saving your valuable time pressing the trigger all the way to the bottom. This gives you more time to hit that trigger again. Our expert engineers with years of experience have perfected the exact location of the trigger stops so you can rest at east with the knowledge that your gun is shooting exactly when it should.

Instant Trigger System (ITS)

The instant trigger system (ITS) is designed only for FPS games and it will allow you to shoot faster than ever before. The distance required for the trigger to activate is only 2mm and does not require any adjustment at all. Please note : This system can only be removed by us once installed !

SharQ Directional D-pad

Designed to improve the reaction speed , The new SharQ D-pad comes in a selection of colors so you can customise your controller as you please .

SharQ Grip

Gaming can get… slippery. We have that covered, with SharQ Grip, our engineers add a texture to the back that makes your hand stay exactly where they should. This means there no chance of you missing that vital shot!

Prebuilt Section

Brand new to this website is our Prebuilt area. Here is the controllers that are already built and are ready to ship. This availability is limited so please make sure you order when you can to avoid disappointment.

SharQ Seal of Approval

All SharQ’s come with a seal of approval. This lets you know that our expert engineers with years of experience have built this controller with such quality they put the SharQ name on it. This also shows that your SharQ controller has been untampered with which allows use at all major tournament providers and also indicates the warranty period of your controller.

Warranty Info

This is the boring part… Your controller has a warranty period of 90 days which is activated when you receive your SharQ. During this period all defects, breakages or technical faults are covered and the repair is free of charge and if we cant repair it, we will replace it. The warranty doesn’t cover wear and tear or damage that is caused by the player. Don’t worry, if your warranty has expired please contact support and we can still repair your controller, all we ask is that you cover the cost for the parts. No profit!