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          Xbox One Controller Features

Custom Design

You can choose from a huge selection of colours and designs.We offer you the ability to customise every

single part of your controller including shell,buttons,triggers,bumpers,thumbsticks and more.

Custom Thumbsticks

Depending on your needs we offer you the ability to customise your thumbsticks to your specifications,

from classic PS4 sticks,domed sticks or even xbox one sticks,all with a huge selection of colours too.

Xbox One Remap

We now offer you the option to change your fin configuration any time you wish to with the new xbox one

remappable fin function! Simply press both fins and the back button until you see the sharq led turn on,

release the back button and fins,press the button you want to remap to,then the fin you want that button

configured to along with the back button then all you have to do is remove your finger from the fin and

it's done.

The SharQ Fins

Thanks to the new design these new fins offer you faster reactions and are even more sensitive giving

you an important split second advantage over your foe. The fins are ergonomicallydesigned to leave

your thumbs available for character movement and aim. This is very important when gaming competitively.

Trigger Stops

These are the metal screws that are placed on the end of the triggers. They enable you to use the trigger

at a faster pace since it doesn't have to go all the way in and out between shots.

Sensitive Trigger System(STS)

The sensitive trigger system (STS) allows adjusments of the trigger to achive the perfect shooting point.

To adjust your triggers use the the 1.5 mm allen key that is provided.Insert it in the hole at the back of

the controller turning the screw clockwise.Each hole adjusts a separate trigger.To perfect the adjustment

start by pulling the trigger down slowly and shoot while turning the screw until it stops shooting.

Instant Trigger System (ITS)

The instant trigger system (ITS) is designed only for FPS games and it will allow you to shoot faster than

ever before. The distance required for the trigger to activate is only 2mm and does not require any 

adjustment at all. Please note : This system can only be removed by us once installed !

SharQ Seal of Approval

All SharQ Controllers will come with a seal of approval.This seal is your warranty,and if it is removed or

tampered with,your warranty becomes void.The seal also provides legal use of your controller at events.

Likewise,if the seal is removed,the event could prohibit you from using your controller.

Warranty Info

Your controller has a warranty period of 90 days after the arrival time of the product. During this period

all defects,breakages or technical faults are covered and a repair is free of charge.The warranty doesn't

cover waeror self-inflicted damage.We may still repair it after warranty period,however,depending on

the damage a small fee may apply.